Thursday, June 01, 2006

a very long week

Venus Under Water by Ann Marie
Call me superstitious, maybe it is that I really am, but when I don't write here I am waiting waiting and well yes, trying to sort things out.... it has been a long week that way.

Turmoil they call it where big words are being used.

My marriage seems so over and I feel sadness.

And compassion. Nic has been very nice yet sometimes when I am here at home - it still is my home - he wants and needs to be alone and me too.

Yes and today I am seeing Marc at long last. Because I can now. I am free - yeah, love lost, such a cost, gimme things that don't get lost.

And that I do not lose my children's trust.

I am and I am not a bad mom. I want to be happy and believe they will be happier too.

Because joy was born here, out of very little, and it wants out.

If you are reading this my friends, I will have more to say soon.


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