Thursday, May 18, 2006

absent-minded blogger - in love

Hi friends! I have been a baddie. I have not been keeping time. Sometimes it is hard to know, even for myself, where I have been, at which blog and out of them. This is not a bloggie time. There is so much to live for and so much to give. So I've been doing just that. Sorry for no visits, etc.

I'm in love again. Yes, it is that simple, yet it is slow, because I need to figure things out little by little. It is reciprocal all the way and in every way - miracula. My head is singing in choir with my heart. Yes, it is that serious, this illness I did not think I'd catch again.

I'm in love with the neighbor boy
{42 but a boy}. There is a lot of discussions about everything. He talks as much as I do. He has two kids too. And has lived on four continents - one more than I have! And he lives across the street. There really is some hope that things will be easier now with everything. Including living arrangements with the children. They can even stay at their home if they want to. This is not saying it is going to be easy on them, or me, or anyone.

Maybe that was the thing with the previous post. I just knew some things were going to change, that for once I did not have to be the changing force. Now someone else is driving.

Have a GREAT Thursday!!!!

Ann Marie

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